"Circus Sideshow" Georges Seurat 1887-88 (and The Polar Express)

This is by far my favorite Seurat painting. It was painted during the middle of his career, although he died so young that he only painted six major figure paintings while he was a live - this fact took me by surprise when I first learned about him. Another fun fact about Seurat, all or most of his paintings have a border around them painted by Seurat himself. The border is composed of the same dots as the rest of the painting and changes color as it comes in contact with the different colors of the border of the painting. Seurat meant it as a barrier between the painting itself and the inevitable frame, so that the frame wouldn’t change the effect he was creating with the colors of the painting itself. 

But back on topic, I think the reason why this is my favorite Seurat painting is not any particularly intellectual reason but simply because the color scheme and style remind me of the illustrations of one of my favorite books growing up, The Polar Express, Chris Van Allsburg. The illustrations are done in pastel I think and they are simply gorgeous. I’ve included one of my favorites above. I don’t have much to say about the comparison as it is late, but nevertheless I think it’s interesting to consider these two together!

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